Fred’s Art Studios is a Chicago/Los Angeles based firm offering visual and interactive solutions through branding, graphic design and web design and development.  Our mission is not a difficult one to grasp.  We simply want to help you build a strong brand, and for others, an even stronger brand.  We are passionate about delivering professional work that is both powerfully compelling and fully engaging that not only does it cause our clients to stand out but it also makes them leaders in their industries.  We take every project to heart.


Our company was founded by and flows under the creative direction of Fred T. Williams. He first encountered his eye for designing artwork that conveyed a message as a 5th Grader in Mrs. Cookston’s class at Lakeshore Elementary School (Monroe, Louisiana) when he was tasked with a math project. Fred decided to draw a full comic book entitled “Batman vs. The Calculator Kid”.  In the comic The Calculator Kid was attempting to destroy the world through numbers and it was up to Batman to stop him. Needless to say, this creative mind kept growing and discovering different ways and avenues to communicate messages that resonated with people from all walks of life. At the age of 19, Fred secured his very first branding client and the rest is history.  Now, more than 15 years and hundreds of clients later, Fred is still helping brands position themselves for success.

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